How To Travel With Family

Posted on October 2, 2012


So I’m back from my short family trip to Barcelona and I’m already missing the city’s charm. I had a wonderful couple of days, yet it was very different from any other trip I’ve been on so far. Traveling with family can be great, but can also be very exhausting and even turn into a genuine hell on earth if you’re not careful. With 6 different people, you’re bound to disagree or argue at some point. Here are some tips on how to make everyone’s life a little easier:

Make sure you have enough space
I’m used to sleeping in crowded hostel dorms, buses and trains, so it’s fair to say that I don’t mind sharing a room. With family however, it’s oh so important that you have enough space! After a long day, when everybody’s tired, you really don’t want to be in each others hair, so a little privacy is very welcome.

Prepare to compromise
Even though you may be family, not everybody shares the same interests. You don’t always want the same things, and it wouldn’t be fair to always do what you want to do. Disagreement over course of action can lead to long and exhausting arguments, which is unnecessary. Save yourself the trouble and be ready to compromise: Don’t expect to see and do everything you had on your wish list… and sometimes you just have to give in and take that crowded touristy bus trip around the city.

Slow down
While you may be used to walking everywhere and comparing prices and places to look for the best deal on food, your 80-year-old grandmother may not have the energy for it. Keep in mind that your pace might be a little too high for your travel companions. If somebody wants to sit down and catch their breath, you should respect it, as no one is in the best of moods when tired.

I think I speak for most people when I say that when people are hungry, they tend to get cranky. Granny gets a little grumpy, mom is starting to get on your nerves and your brother might be about to throw something. In order to keep the peace, you should keep everybody’s belly full so get some food into your system when you need it.

And finally:

You’re on vacation! Chances are people are happier once you’re happy so don’t waste time worrying over petty things, have some fun and enjoy!

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