Wednesday Wishes: Bagan, Myanmar

Posted on October 3, 2012


From now there will be a post every wednesday on a destination that is high up on my travel wishlist.

It’s wednesday and I find myself clicking and browsing away, drooling over my keyboard as I look at pictures and stories of faraway destinations. Like everybody else, I have my personal wishlist and it’s ever growing. This week’s Wednesday Wish: Bagan, Myanmar.

Having opened their doors for tourism only recently, Myanmar is still an untouched country and traveling there should feel like a trip back in time. Although I really don’t mind the luxuries I have at home, I’m just dying to venture into a country that has no WiFi (what?) or ATM’s and where you can find yourself completely closed off from the modern world for a while. However, every travel article I’ve read warns me to go now, as the country is rapidly changing and tourists are slowly flooding in. A good reason to put Myanmar at the top of my list of destinations…

Between Yangon and Mandalay you will find Bagan and its breathtaking temple complex. Imagine Cambodia’s Angkor Wat, but without the tourist hordes, crazy entrance fees and pushy touts. Bagan was the capital of the former Kingdom of Pagan and counted around 10.000 monasteries, pagoda’s and temples during the kingdom’s height. Over 2200 are still standing to this day.

Watching the sunset surrounded by beautiful temples, getting familiar with the Asian hospitality and enjoying a little peace and quiet are but few of the many reasons why Bagan is high on my list. Have you been here before? I’m curious to read about your adventures.

I came across this beautiful photoessay of Bagan on Shannon’s blog; A Little Adrift.
Check it out and get inspired!

What destination is at the top of your travel wishlist?

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