A Little Inspiration: Favorite Travel Movie

Posted on October 5, 2012


For those who need a little inspiration, I strongly recommend one of my favorite movies; A Map For Saturday. I remember when I first saw it a year ago and just had to watch it again the next day.

This documentary shows the author, Brooke Silva-Braga, as he decides to quit his job to travel around the world. Along the way, he interviews other long-term travelers to get a picture of why people choose to travel and what life on the road is like. The documentary finds backpackers helping neglected Thai tsunami victims, it explains why Nepal’s guesthouses are empty and Brazil’s stoplights are ignored. The movie shows the very essence of world travel and has inspired many people to pack up and hit the road.

I’m all for supporting the maker, so here’s a link on how to buy the DVD.

What’s your favorite travel movie?