A Night in Amsterdam

Posted on November 7, 2012


Damrak Amsterdam

Amsterdam; a Walhalla for those looking to indulge in some sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll. While all of this can be quite fun from time to time, when Nick and I went out on a date last week we opted for something a little more low-key; an evening walk followed by dinner and a movie.

An evening walk in Amsterdam

I recently got a new point and shoot camera, a Canon Powershot SX220 HS and wanted to try it out during our walk in Amsterdam. Having zero knowledge about photography I quickly learned that taking pictures at night is not as easy as I thought. Here are some of the least awful ones:

Cineac Amsterdam

Amsterdam by Night

Amsterdam Canal

I love Amsterdams canals

Rembrandt square


Damrak Amsterdam



Not all of Amsterdam is crowded


We had dinner in one of my favorite places; Coco’s Outback. Though this Australian sports bar is not exactly  a romantic restaurant, their food is so amazing that you’d take the TV’s and rowdy tourists for granted. It’s a typical tourist bar, but on weekdays you’ll often find the upstairs level to be quiet and if you’re lucky you can score an entire corner to yourself, so you can lounge on a comfortable Chesterfield couch during your after dinner dip. Trust me, you’ll get one. If you’re a vegetarian, this place is not for you, but for meat lovers, this is paradise; you’ll get a plate full of delicious ribs, fingerlicking chicken or tender kangaroo steak for around €10.

Ribs Coco's Outback

Couldn’t restrain myself; ate one before I took a picture

Lounging on the couch after stuffing our faces


We didn’t just go anywhere. We went to one of the most beautiful movie theaters in the world: Tuschinski.

Though catching a movie may be furthest from your mind when you only have a couple of days to spare in the city of sin, visiting Tuschinski theater will be a unique off the beaten path experience.

Both Tuschinski’s interior and exterior are quite the sight; designer Hijman Louis de Jong used a spectacular mix of architectural styles such as Jugendstil, Amsterdam School, Art Deco and Art Nouveau. The lobby was designed with the intent of giving theatergoers the feeling that they are stepping into an illusion.  While it’s possible to just pop in and see the lobby, taking your time to see a movie (usually English with Dutch subtitles)in Tuschinski’s stunning main auditorium is definitely worth the two hours.

Tuschinski by night:

Tuschinski Amsterdam Exterior

Walking into an illusion; Tuschinski’s Lobby

Tuschinski Amsterdam Lobby

Image: Wikipedia

The beauty and grandeur of the main auditorium:

Main Auditorium Tuschinski

Image: Fabio Bruna

Have you ever been to Amsterdam?

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