Early Morning In Bangkok, Thailand

Posted on March 2, 2013


Wat Arun from Chao Phraya River

It’s 6:30 in the morning and the sun has barely risen above Thailand’s capital city. On my way over here I passed people setting up their streetstalls, and tuk-tuks already merrily whizzing around. It’s easy to imagine the city hasn’t slept at all.

Above me, birds are singing their morning songs and behind me, a waitress is doing the very same thing. I have been sitting at this table for more than 10 minutes and nobody has come to ask me for my order yet. That’s okay though, this is Thailand, and having 10 minutes of peace and quiet in the Big Mango without anybody bothering you to sell you anything is actually quite a relief.

A squirrel tentatively makes its way down the bamboo ceiling, sniffing his way through the overhanging leaves in search of his breakfast.

Squirrel in Bangkok

Good morning, my little friend

Hungover backpackers are lazing around at the tables, sipping coffee or flirting with last night’s score.

What started off as frustration ended up being nothing more than opportunity. Being chased out of my hostel dorm at 5 in the morning by some very (and I mean very) drunk Australians with a snoring problem made sure I would be awake to witness the city in its early morning state, something I certainly wouldn’t want to have missed.

Thai Iced Tea

My new favorite drink: Thai Iced Tea!

The friendly smiling waitress hands me my Thai iced tea with a cheery ‘khawp khuhn khaaa!’ and I happily take a sip, sit back, and watch the people go on about their day.

Since my arrival in Bangkok I have been trying to write a post, feebly attempting to put into words all that I’ve seen and experienced so far, but I just couldn’t manage to get past the first few sentences. Although I’ve had an amazing time these past four days, it’s just too much to process just yet.

Wat Arun from Chao Phraya River

Beautiful Wat Arun

The sound of motorcycles and tuk-tuks crisscrossing through traffic, the smell of freshly cooked street food that makes your mouth water at almost every corner, the thrill of simply crossing a street or the playful game of bargaining for a good price. The sing-song voices of Thai women inviting you for a massage and the chanting of monks. The heavy contrast between the glitz and glamour of Bangkok’s fancy Lebua State Tower Sky Bar and the makeshift shacks along the banks of the Chao Phraya River. The breathtaking beauty of Bangkok’s many temples almost make you forget the seediness of the Patpong red light district area. The devotion of people praying at shrines in the midst of the bustling city center, the dressed up ladyboys and the incredibly friendly smiles.

View from Lebua State Tower Bangkok Skybar

The view from Lebua Sky Bar

There is just so much to take in and my humble words couldn’t possibly do justice to this beautiful, intimidating and sometimes exhausting city. I’m in love with Bangkok, even though I’m more than ready to leave.

Streetfood Bangkok

Streetfood in Bangkok

As for traveling alone, it has been easier than I had ever imagined. Within an hour of my arrival at the hostel I had made some friends, and the days that followed were spent eating, laughing and relaxing. I haven’t felt lonely for even a moment.

However, nothing seems like a more perfect way to start my Asia stories than this very moment, right here, right now. I walk back to the hostel to sit back with an iced coffee and wait until it’s time to depart for my next destination: Ayutthaya!

Have you ever been to Bangkok? What did you think?

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