On Why “Today” Is My New Favorite Word

Posted on March 21, 2013


Today is yet another beautiful day, made even more so by the fact that I’m spending it doing absolutely nothing at all. No chasing waterfalls, no wandering around, no pushing myself to see sights I’m not really all that interested in at the moment. Today, I’m simply here, listening to the sounds of life along the banks of the mighty Mekong river.

Don Khone Island Laos Mekong River

Good place, good views

I’m enjoying a soft breeze, which brings along with it some relief of the heat of the day. The smell of grilled fish infused with herbs and spices I’ve never even heard of make their way out of the kitchen, onto the patio where the four of us lay in silence, lost in trains of thought.

I’m on Don Khone island, a mere dot in the wide and vast Mekong river in the very south of Laos. Life here is quiet and laid-back, and the people are easy going.

Even the cats are laid back

Even the cats are laid back

Today I woke up in a little bamboo shack, in a huge comfortable bed, feeling utterly relaxed and happy. I played with the thought of visiting some waterfalls, but even in the early morning it is simply too hot to get anything done. That’s perfectly fine though, as I have all the time in the world and today I feel more than happy to laze around in a hammock and feeling my pulse drop into an almost meditative state.

Bamboo shacks Laos

My temporary home

This place makes you ponder and reminds you that even a simple life can be more than fulfilling.

Later today I might swim in the Mekong or find the perfect spot to watch the sunset. Tomorrow I’ll probably book my ticket out of here and move on to Cambodia.

Yesterday, I went out in search of a kayak to peddle around the islands with, but ended up being massaged, blessed and cleansed by the local medicine man instead.
That’s the beauty about “today”; if you allow it, it can lead you anywhere. Today can bring new experiences, new friends or even new lovers. Today, you might see, do or hear something that will shift your perspective and changes your views on life.

Healing massage local medicine man

A healing massage by the local medicine man

Or, today, you can sit back while sipping a fresh coconut shake, while listening to the birds singing along to the sound of your friends’ guitar.