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Preparing for Southeast Asia

February 15, 2013


With only 10 days to go until departure it’s time for me to break the silence and leave a quick note. Over the past few days I’ve felt rather odd. I think the idea of me actually leaving hasn’t really sunk in yet. Something that has been a vague and distant dream is suddenly becoming […]

What 2013 Has In Store

January 14, 2013


Yes, I realize I’m a bit late with the almost obligatory 2013 post. To be honest, I have no excuse other than the truth; I’ve been stuck in a rut for the last few weeks and sadly, that rut didn’t include a lot of writing. Even though I have to admit I quite enjoyed the […]

Next Up… South East Asia!

October 12, 2012


I'm excited to announce that I've finally booked the flights: I'm going to South East Asia! Though I had to make some sacrifices, here's why:

Budget For A Trip To Spain

October 11, 2012


A lot of people ask me how much it costs to travel in Spain. My answer? It depends. I could never give a straight answer to this question, because travel is different for everybody, and you could spend as much or as little as you want. When I traveled in Spain I made it with […]

Up Next: Rome!

September 26, 2012


You may have gathered it from my “Up Next” calendar on the Home page, but I’m going to Rome! On my birthday, my boyfriend surprised me with 2 tickets and a hostel reservation for a city I’ve been dying to see for years. I’m a lucky woman… Right now I’m sitting in a simple yet […]

Up Next: Barcelona. Again!

September 17, 2012


Yes! Next week, I’ll be spending my birthday in one of my favorite cities in the world; Barcelona! This will be the third time I’ll visit Spain this year and I still can’t get enough! This won’t just be any trip though, I’ll be travelling with family, which is a first for me. Let’s hope […]