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Packing List For 3 Months In Asia

February 21, 2013


While some dread the daunting task of packing for an extended trip, I discovered that I’m a big fan. For me, carefully deciding what to bring and what to leave at home is part of the pre-trip fun. Nevertheless, it wasn’t the easiest job. I’ve packed, unpacked and packed again about three times now, getting […]

A Little Interview…

January 12, 2013


A short while ago I did an interview with the Dutch travel website; the blog of 2 people who left behind their life in The Netherlands to travel the world. For all you Dutchies; if you haven’t checked them out yet, go do so now! Their stories are inspiring and will make you want […]

How To Save Up For An Extended Trip -Part 2

October 26, 2012


Since last week’s post on how I was able to save up for my trips was getting a little long, I figured I’d just do a follow-up. Last week I explained that to live the lifestyle I wanted, I had to make some drastic changes in my habits and behavior, like: Creating a budget Selling […]

How To Save Up For An Extended Trip – Part 1

October 15, 2012


“6 months in Asia? Heck no, I could never afford that!” Had you asked me a year ago, that’s exactly what I would have said, as would most people. Travel is often viewed as expensive and out of reach, especially for people with low-income. While you do need a fund sufficient enough to support you […]

How To Travel With Family

October 2, 2012


So I’m back from my short family trip to Barcelona and I’m already missing the city’s charm. I had a wonderful couple of days, yet it was very different from any other trip I’ve been on so far. Traveling with family can be great, but can also be┬ávery exhausting and even turn into a genuine […]

How To Be A Romantic In Barcelona

August 29, 2012


I was staring out of the window of the bus taking me from Girona airport to the Barcelona city centre and I already knew; this was going to be an amazing week. I was surrounded by green hills, tall cypress trees and typical Mediterranean houses as far as the eye could see. It was as […]