About Me

Travel always seemed to me like something that was out of reach, a privilege only available for rich people. I used to dream of far away, exotic destinations, wishing I would one day become famous or win the jackpot so I could hop on a plane one day and see the Taj Mahal, relax on a white sandy beach or ride an elephant.

Well, a few years ago, I left my 9 to 5 office job behind to chase my lifelong dream of making music. I eventually did make it and got the experiences of a lifetime; I got to perform on big stages, sing with an orchestra, I even have a golden record (it now hangs in my bathroom). It was all short-lived, and in the end I found out that this life really wasn’t for me, but that didn’t matter. Realizing my dream and working hard to make it come true was not only one of the best experiences I’ve ever had, it also opened my mind up to other possibilities.

I figured that if I could make this happen, there wasn’t a thing I couldn’t do. Instead of waiting for my luck to change, I decided to work hard to make my dreams come true! I started reading about budget travel and I soon realized that it wasn’t as expensive as I thought. It dawned on me that most of the luxuries I was used to, were in reality unnecessary, so  I changed my spending habits drastically in order to save up for that what was truly important to me. Instead of clothes, I bought flight tickets, instead of coffee and snacks I saved up for the meals I’d have abroad and the money I spent going out was now reserved for hostels. After a couple of short trips later and here I am now, saving up for a big one in Asia and if everything goes well, I’ll be there sometime in 2013.

Are you dreaming of hopping on a plane and take off to see the world? Are you secretly wishing you could leave your office job behind and start doing what you really want to do with your life? You can. Anything is possible and if I can do it, anyone can.

On this blog you will find my personal experiences and stories as well as tips. Occasionally you’ll come across a photo that’ll be a little better than my own ones, which means it’s probably taken by my dear friend and travel companion Wendy Teer (you should check out her work @ OhShoot! Photography).

Mountainous towns make me happy!

Random facts about me:
– My favorite book is Fight Club, which is also my favorite movie.
– I’m in love with indian food!
– I was in a television show, yet I never watch TV. I don’t even have cable.
– I met one of my best friends through CouchSurfing
– You wouldn’t say, but I’m actually kind of shy
– I have a weird phobia for styrofoam (styrophobia?)
– If I had to pick the most beautiful place I’ve been to so far, it would be Ronda, Spain
– My favorite city is Barcelona

If you happen to find yourself in the same area as me, ask something or just want to say hi, don’t hesitate to shoot me a tweet or mail. You can find my information here.

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  1. Hey – bet you are really looking forward to your SE Asia trip, huh? We spent two months there earlier this year – visiting Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. It was a great trip – you´ll love it!

    • Thank you for all the tips you gave me Marianne! Sadly, the Lonely Planet says that the Bamboo train in Battambang is no longer there :( I will try and find out for myself!

  2. A fellow singer, traveler, and blogger! What are the odds! AND you’re coming to Thailand?? I’m definitely a new fan and follower :)

    • It gets even better… You’re not gonna believe this, but my name is Michelle as well! What are the odds?!
      Likewise, I read some of your posts today and I really love your writing style :) I didn’t get the chance to read it all yet though. Until when are you staying in Thailand?

      • WHAT. That is ABSURD that we actually have the same name.
        So glad you found me (how did you find me?) and enjoyed reading! I don’t have a set date of how long I’ll be here but my teaching contract is up in March so…maybe some time around then? When are you heading to this side of the world?

        • I know, it’s bizarre huh! I found you in the WordPress reader, I’m always trying to find new blogs by searching for topics I’m interested in. In this case I looked for “Backpacking” and I found your post there :)

          I have a flight booked on February 25th, so I have to wait for another 4 months…but it’ll be worth it. Maybe you could give me some tips on things to see/do/experience in Bangkok, if you want?

          Are you planning to visit any other countries while you’re there?

          • I could definitely give you some tips, although I think we have a few months before they would be relevant…

            I want to see Cambodia and Vietnam but I haven’t even seen most of Thailand yet, so there’s that to explore as well! Also, India has been calling to me…

  3. Good for you! Travelling is a joy and an eye-opening experience and I cheer you on for reaching the destinations that you dream of. Wishing you a wonder-filled 2013.


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