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A Day In Ayutthaya (In Pictures)

March 7, 2013


Sticking my head out of the open window and looking behind, I could still see the high buildings of Bangkok reaching for the sky, but ahead the landscape was the greenest of green, with nothing more than a few shacks lining the railroad. Every once in a while, we’d pass a burning pile of rubbish, […]

Early Morning In Bangkok, Thailand

March 2, 2013


It’s 6:30 in the morning and the sun has barely risen above Thailand’s capital city. On my way over here I passed people setting up their streetstalls, and tuk-tuks already merrily whizzing around. It’s easy to imagine the city hasn’t slept at all. Above me, birds are singing their morning songs and behind me, a […]

What A Difference A Day Made

December 14, 2012


I felt like the worst girlfriend ever. Here we were, at Eindhoven airport, bags packed and ready to fly off to Rome for a romantic getaway. A boyfriend who surprises you with 2 plane tickets for your birthday, it couldn’t be more perfect. Then why wasn’t I excited? It’s not that I didn’t want to […]

Falling In Love With Rome

December 9, 2012


It took me a while to get started on a post about our trip to Rome, simply because I had no idea how to put the immense beauty and charm into words. Certainly it has been done before, by writers far more eloquent than me. In the end I figured that everyone’s perspective is different […]

CouchSurfing: The Benefits Of Hosting

November 26, 2012


“We don’t really have a lot of culture, here in Holland”, I heard myself saying. And I was completely convinced. Of course, we have our obvious clich├ęs: clogs and cheese, windmills and tulips, sex and marijuana. But anyone who spends longer than a week in the Netherlands knows that this has little to do with […]

A Night in Amsterdam

November 7, 2012


Amsterdam; a Walhalla for those looking to indulge in some sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll. While all of this can be quite fun from time to time, when Nick and I went out on a date last week we opted for something a little more low-key; an evening walk followed by dinner and a […]

Wednesday Wishes: Lyon

October 31, 2012


After the last Wednesday Wishes post about Singapore, I got excited about the idea of guest posting. Having a local like Sam write about his hometown casts a different light on the destination and makes for an interesting read. So for this week, I’ve asked one of my friends (and fellow newbie blogger) to write […]

5 Dutch Festivals That Are Worth The Hangover

October 19, 2012


“Waar is dat feestje?!” [Wahr–is-duht-face-yuh?!]. Translation: ‘Where is that party?!’ If there’s anything us Dutchies love to do, it’s party (and occasionally shout out ‘Waar is dat feestje!?’ in the process). Because we can always find a reason to celebrate, every year there are tons of festivals held throughout the country. Whether you’re interested in […]

Wednesday Wishes: Singapore

October 17, 2012


Last week I proudly announced my upcoming solo adventure: 3,5 months of backpacking through South East Asia! Because I have a limited amount of time I picked 4 countries I really want to visit. But there’s one other destination that just keeps getting more and more attractive…. Singapore!

7 Things I Learned In Spain

October 9, 2012


It’s been a few months now since I boarded the plane taking me away from Spain and carrying me back home. Enough time to allow me to reflect on my trip and have a clear view on the lessons learned while I was abroad. Here are the things I learned whilst traveling in Spain: