A Day In Ayutthaya (In Pictures)

Posted on March 7, 2013


Buddha In Tree Ayutthaya

Sticking my head out of the open window and looking behind, I could still see the high buildings of Bangkok reaching for the sky, but ahead the landscape was the greenest of green, with nothing more than a few shacks lining the railroad. Every once in a while, we’d pass a burning pile of rubbish, and we’d all cover our faces so we wouldn’t breathe in the smoke. The woman next to me smiled as we shared snacks and cleansing wipes and complained about how excruciatingly hot it was.

As much as I loved Bangkok, I knew it was a place I shouldn’t stay much longer. I’d probably get used to it eventually, but for now it was time for me to leave the urban jungle behind and discover more of Thailand. Thankfully, my new friend Maike seemed to share this idea, so we went ahead and booked a 3rd class train for the 2 hour journey to Ayutthaya. We arrived there in the middle of the day, when the sun was at its fiercest.

On to Ayutthaya!

On to Ayutthaya!

View from train thailand

View from the window

Third Class Thai Train

A Thai Train


The first day was spent mainly in bed, as the heat and exhaustion had taken its toll on me and I felt very weak. Thankfully I felt a lot better the next morning and couldn’t wait to discover the city that is both ancient and modern.

We rented a bike (just 50 Baht for the day) from the guesthouse next door, set out a route around town and after some breakfast, we went on our way:

Thai Noodle Soup


Wat Mahathat AyutthayaWat Mahathat AyutthayaBuddha In Tree AyutthayaIMG_0719 IMG_0694 IMG_0724 IMG_0726 IMG_0727


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